Monday April 9th marked day one in the community as Revolution! When we embarked on this adventure, the fear of not only asking people for money but wondering whether or not people would pay it was BIG! We have also had so many really great questions like, “why are we doing this” and “what exactly is pay what you can”.


It seems like we should have a really complicated answer but it’s actually very simple. We are a pay what you can studio. We are asking people to consider this concept at its most literal. We are asking that you pay what you can for the yoga classes you attend. The intention is that if you are truly paying what YOU can, those who can pay more will honor the intention and pay it forward for the service they are receiving. Those who are unable to pay the same will have access and support from the community to pay what they can for the service they are receiving. That’s it.


This concept was born from a very passionate shared idea that yoga should be accessible to everybody. We weren’t quite sure how we were going to make this happen but it was an idea that wouldn’t leave us alone. There have been so many road blocks along the way and so many times where one or both of us said fuck it. Maybe one day this will happen but not right now. Monday April 9th arrived and what we had hoped, envisioned and manifested became a reality. People came to yoga and they paid for class. We had a trust and a faith in our community that they would support this concept and they did. It was a beautiful and defining day for us. We cried a little and laughed a lot. We could have easily let our fears make the decision to embark on this journey one day, when all the stars aligned, when we were ready, when all circumstances were perfect. Instead we decided to pick a day and begin; day one. We decided to move forward because if we waited until we were ready, one day would turn into never.


To all who showed up to classes day one; thank you. To all who have emailed us, messaged us and want to be a part of our Revolution in some way; thank you. To all who are sharing what we are doing by word of mouth or social media sharing; thank you. To those who believe that a radical change in society and the social  structure is possible; thank you. This is only possible when it starts with YOU.