Kristieanna MacLagger

Co- Founder

Yoga Director

RYT 500


\rev ə loosh ən/

A forcible overthrow of one system for another.

I came to yoga a little bit broken- at the end of a marriage, insecure and volatile, angry and self loathing. A friend told me to try “40 Days to Personal Revolution” at Breathe and, despite all of my excuses (no money, no time, no knowledge)-I got my credit card out and signed up! I was ready for a revolution! I was immediately welcomed to the class and the teacher told me, “Your body already knows what to do, trust it”

So, I practiced on my mat a little broken- and discovered strength in my body that I didnt know was there. That was where yoga really found me. The practice of yoga, specifically asana (physical practice)and svadhyaya (vigorous self study), gives me the tools to see myself and to meet myself exactly where I am- with compassion and accountability. Seeing myself fully, both the broken and the strong, is where I feel most powerful.

My mission for sharing the practice centers around the REVOLUTION I have felt. Helping people uncover their own personal power through movement and compassionate inquiry is where I feel most passionate.

I firmly believe that the yoga practice is for all people who want it.  My personal mission and my mission for Revolution Studio + Wellness Bar Is to make space for people- all people- to get on their mat and find their own personal revolution- to overthrow old patterns for new- and to feel powerful and even happy.