What To Expect

“When will Revolution open?”
We will open late summer 2018! Stay tuned for more information.
“Where are you located?”
We will announce our studio location in late spring so subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date!

Until Revolution opens this summer we will be teaching Revolution Flow classes at:

Balance Yoga & Fitness                             

1150 Crosspointe Lane- Suite #1     

Webster, NY 14580

“How much do classes cost?”
There are two pricing options for Revolution classes, both are “pay what you can” pricing.

  1. Drop-in Class: Suggested contribution of $11-$20
  2. 10 Class Pass: Suggested contribution of $90-$125
    • The Pass that Pays it Forward!
    • One punch per class
    • When you reach 10 punches, give your pass to a freind and they recieve a free class

*We accept cash, check, credit card or Apple Pay

What does "Pay What You Can" mean?
Yoga should be accessible to everyone regardless of income so we ask that you pay what you can to take class. Our belief is that It Starts With You and we trust the support of our community.

We believe that if you truly pay what YOU can, those who are able to contribute more will do so and through that contribution those who are unable to pay the same, will still have access.

"What is a Revolution Flow class?"
Revolution Flow is a power vinyasa style class open to all levels. Vinyasa by definition is “to place in a special way” so expect a creative and safely sequenced class with a strong focus on the connection of breathe to movement.

Common Yoga Myths

“I can’t even touch my toes.”
To say you’re not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you’re too filthy to take a bath! There are modifications for any pose and tools like straps, blocks and bolsters that make yoga poses accessible for every body.
“I’m injured, I can’t do yoga.”
We always encourage you to speak to your physican before participating with an injury. Let the instructor know you have an injury so they can offer modifications and props to assist with your  postures.
“I tried a class once and yoga is not for me.”
There are many different styles of classes and teachers. You should try several different classes to find the best “fit” for you.

Yoga Benefits

What are the potential physical benefits?
The most tangible benefit is that yoga improves flexibility. It also improves muscle strength, balance, posture, joint mobility, spine health and bone density. Additionally, yoga has been found to improve the lymphatic system, reduce high blood pressure, reduce cortisol levels and improve aerobic conditioning (especially in Vinyassa flow classes).
What are the potential mental benefits?
A consistent yoga practice can reduce symptoms related to stress, depression and anxiety. Improved concentration and greater mental flexibility has also been reported.
What are the spiritual benefits?
Yoga students with a regular practice describe greater feelings of peace, joy and contentment in their lives.