About Us

A community is only as strong as the people  who support it. To support a movement  where yoga classes are truly  accessible for those who wish to practice, our drop-in pricing for all scheduled classes will be “Pay What You Can”.  We trust that by offering an opportunity for people to pay what they can, those who need access to yoga will have it and those who have means will support this   endeavor by paying it forward. 

We know that our community is stronger together and that radical change can be messy, but if we don’t start somewhere then we end up nowhere. So, while we work to build our studio space we are thrilled to share that Balance Yoga & Fitness will house Revolution Studio classes on their schedule begining April 9th! You will have the opportunity to take class at Balance with Revolution teachers at “pay what you can” pricing. To say we are grateful for temporaily sharing space with Balance is an understatement and we couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration!

We commit to keeping you up to date on our progess through our newsletter, our website’s photo gallery and  through our social media outlets as we work to build our space and our community!  We want to keep you in the loop on all things Revolution; the good the bad and the messy! 

M + K

We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home

Our Co-Founding Females

Kristieanna MacLagger
Melissa Griffo